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The Seika Network

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    Welcome to the Seika Network!
         Live show call-in number: (347) 677-0699

The Seika Network is a channel on blogtalkradio.com, dedicated to being a forum hub for the martial arts community, Fitness specialists, Self Improvement, Hobbies, etc. If its a "good for you" subject, we hope to bring it here!

Our Flagship show, "The Dynamic Dojo", is hosted by Sifu Restita DeJesus and Sifu Robert Deahl. Their on-air dynamics and witty banter are sure to make each show fun and interesting. This show features notable martial artists and interesting subjects that pertain to martial arts students and teachers alike. Our show is in "forum" format, where the listening audience members are the special guests when they call in live on the air to contribute to the discussions. Regardless of your martial arts style or background, you all are special guests when you call in to the show, live on the air!

See our "Upcoming Episodes" page for upcoming episode dates and descriptions. Each entry will provide a link to the live feed on blogtalkradio.com.  Also, as more shows get added to the network, the shows will have their own dedicated page here on the Seika Network website.

As the network grows, look forward to other wonderful shows for your listening pleasure!

Want to join the Seika Network with your own BlogTalkRadio show?

   While our flagship show is martial arts related, your show need not be. We welcome our friends who are specialists in their own fields, be it Yoga, motivational speaking, Fitness, hobbies, etc. We look forward to building the Seika Family of shows on our Network! Contact our network founder, Restita DeJesus, at [email protected] for more information.

What's with the word "Seika" as a network name? What does that mean?

   "Seika" is the Japanese term for "Sacred Fire". Fire has long been a medium used by many cultures for purification and cleansing. Just as fire can provide warmth, healing, and creative sustenance, it can also be destructive......it is the intent of the fire wielder that heals or harms. When Sifu Restita created the Seika Network, she wanted a hub that not only reflected her martial arts background, but also being a reminder that we are all capable of "stoking" the inner fire within all of us that allows us to undergo great transformations and acheive great goals".